I like the idea of stories.  A good story has the ability to penetrate the mind when facts fail.  I’ve calculated that, conservatively, since 2002, i’ve done over well over 5000 software demos (assuming 3 per day with 220 working days per year).    The real number is probably  much higher.  I remember the startup days of 7-8 demos in a single day.  Each time a new product is built, we learn a new process and weave a new story.  In the early days the customers are confused and so were we. You are not sure of yourself, your product or your pitch.  How do I articulate about this great product that I’ve built?  The stories eventually evolve and connect with the customer.  That’s when the fun begins.

SalesFiction is a middle-place.  Somewhere between a fully baked sales process and a brand new brilliant idea.

I’ve always believed that if you don’t do something about your ideas, they stop coming.  Or in my case, I can’t sleep until I complete the thought, the research, the work and discovery process.  Output of ideas leads to more ideas.